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Eva Davé’s passion for unleashing the power of personal transformation through her eyewear styling consultations has revolutionised her optical business, skyrocketing her average dispense value from £120 to over £900. This has tripled her practice turnover in less than four years. She has helped hundreds of clients find their perfect style for eyewear, transforming their image and building their confidence.

Eva’s ability to guide clients through crucial steps towards personal transformation is at the core of both her professional and personal mission – to transform the optical industry from drab to fab!

This process, has been born out of frustration in an industry in which there is no compulsory training for eyewear styling. She provides a revolutionary, colourful and fresh approach for those looking for innovative ways to help their clients find the perfect eyewear. It also replaces the outdated training currently available and, best of all, is accredited and effectively tested in optical practices globally, including Australia and Africa.

Her eyewear stylists’ course has been designed to complement the skill set of clinical experts, equipping them with a brand new set of tools to style their clients in eyewear which not only fits them perfectly, but in which they also look and feel great. Her course teaches how to increase and maximise practice profit, making the most of the growing eyewear market. The UK eyewear market reached a 5.5 billion spend between 2015 and 2019…and show no signs of slowing down, according to the British Fashion Council!

In this webinar, Eva will explain the importance of addressing the stylistic needs of clients, building their confidence and helping them look and feel good. She will show how to combine clinical expertise with clients’ stylistic needs and how it can can lead to multi pair dispensing. Eva will also differentiate how a diverse fashion-aware practice can address both functional and style needs, making a trip to the Opticians a more enjoyable experience for clients.



Nov 8 2019
6 pm GMT

webineyes speaker Eva Dave
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Eva Dave

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